You Rescued Me (song & story)

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Singer/songwriter/producer, Andy Osenga, and I wrote this together at his studio in Nashville.  It’s one of those songs that when we were in the middle of writing it, we got a “this is going to be a cool tune” kind of vibe in the air.  I remember liking it right away because it was refreshing to write something that was different from a lot of songs I write.(melodically and lyrically)  Songs have a way coming to life in the writing process so we just tried to get out of the way and let it breathe.

If you read my last post, I mentioned that 2 Samuel 22 was a chapter in Scripture that spoke deeply to me over the past couple years throughout my recovery and healing.  This chapter in 2 Samuel is a song that David sang about a traumatic experience in his life so reading it was kind of like an old friend counseling, leading, reminding, and walking with me through mine.  Needless to say, this chapter highly influenced the song as it gave us a blueprint for the lyrical structure and story.  Here’s the progression as we saw it:

1. The day of disaster (vs. 5-6)
2. David cries out to God (vs. 7)
3. God’s epic reaction which reveals His heart for us in times of trial and disaster (vs. 8-16)
4. God’s rescue (vs. 17-19)
5. David’s restoration (vs. 18-20)
6. Declaration of God’s faithfulness (vs. 29-51)

There are songs that you write just to write a song and then there are songs that come from the soul.  This one is of the later.  Tell us what you think.  Leave a comment.  Feel free to share your story of rescue.  Share it with a friend.  Be reminded of God’s faithfulness and encouraged that He is still and will always be mighty to rescue and save.

If you’re interested in learning how to play “You Rescued Me,” the chord chart can be found by clicking on the “Chord Charts/Videos” link on the menu above.

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