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The Story Behind RESCUE

by on Sep.30, 2010, under Life, Music

Last year, John Mayer posted some videos chronicling the creation of his new album.  One of the videos was an interview where he was asked about how on earth he could ever follow up and fill the shoes of his previous album, Continuum.  Instead of defending his new songs or leaning on the success of Continuum, I remember him saying something along the lines of, “You don’t follow it at all. Continuum was Continuum.  You leave it and step aside to create something completely new.”  And that’s what he did.  Mayer bought a house in L.A. and transformed it into a studio customizing every room for a different instrument to write and produce “the house record” or what would become, Battle Studies.

As I was in the dreaming stages of my new album, I was inspired by this because after all that I had been through with my accident, I needed a fresh start with my music.  Since I needed to re-learn how to play the guitar, I literally and physically needed a new musical way to express my experiences that wasn’t like I had done in the past.  If you know my music at all, you may not even be able to tell a big difference when you hear the new songs, but the process of creating and producing RESCUE was very different for me.

This EP is a collection of 4 songs that were written in this season.  It may sound weird, but it’s a musical declaration of the many ways that God rescued me through the accident.  The word RESCUE came from 2 Samuel 22.  This chapter in Scripture is a song that David wrote after God rescued him from a traumatic experience.  In verse 20, David sang, “He rescued me because He delighted in me.”  Hearing God’s heart through this song was my life-line during my recovery and healing.

Here are a few musings of what the word RESCUE has meant to me and what I’ve learned (and am still learning) through the past 1.5 years.

– During the first few weeks after the accident, I was forced to be completely dependent on my wife Sue to take care of me as I healed and recovered from two surgeries. I have found that there is always another level of love that we can experience with our loved ones than we are currently experiencing.  I’m not talking about an emotion or feeling necessarily, though it’s nice when those happen to be by-products.  I’m talking about the kind of love that empties itself and doesn’t expect anything in return. A love that won’t leave when things get hard and that ultimately comes from a Source greater than us.  Love is a mystery in how it works.  The hard times that our relationships endure are like gates that if both parties have the courage to walk through them, they somehow rescue us from ourselves and bring freedom, strength, and maturity.  When I look at my finger now I don’t think about the accident.  It’s now a reminder of how much Sue loves me.

– I was rescued from myself and falling into the lie that my identity is found in anything (music, career, successes, failures, etc…) other than the fact that He created me, loves me and has given me a greater purpose in life than living for myself.  Even though imperfect in so many ways, for unto Him does my life exist.

– God is more concerned about my heart for Him than he is about my ability to write, sing, or play my guitar.  God could have told us ANYTHING as the greatest commandment above all others, but He said, “Love me with everything that you are (heart, soul, strength) and everything that you have.”(talents, money, family, time)  He is jealous for our hearts when we love ourselves, careers, people or stuff above Him.  He always has been.  Once again, I have been rescued from the emptiness of worshiping me.

“He rescued me because He delighted in me.” 2 Samuel 22:20

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