The RESCUE Idea Awards

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First of all, THANK YOU for responding with all your creative ideas and thoughts on Rescue.  Out of all the responses, I was most inspired by this collection of “The Most Ridiculous Album Covers Of All Time.” If you haven’t seen this yet, please stop reading for a second to check them out.  You will not be dissapointed!  My two favorites were “Getting Down To Business” by Gary and “Ratt On” by Swamp Dogg. (Thanks Don Linnen!)

OK, now on a more serious note, I need to explain that “The Rescue Idea Awards” was not planned when I first sent out the request.  Since only after I received so many great ideas, I decided to do an impromptu virtual awards ceremony to celebrate. 

Two Disclaimers: 1. This is all on the fly….go with me here folks  2. virtual = virtual.

I received over 100 inspiring ideas and have chosen only a select few.  Authors are anonymous.

Cue dramatic music/lights…..Here are the six categories and winners:

1. Most Interesting : “How about a picture of you and your band slipping on Mount Rushmore, but it’s your faces instead of the presidents.  Your slipping while chiseling and the hand of God reaches down to offer you a lift.  The hand could look like Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam” of the Sistine Chapel with your hand reaching also.”

2. Most Honest : “A very sexy fireman”

3. Most Funny : “Tax Refund”

4. Most Real :  “When I think of RESCUE, I think of water and someone being saved from drowning. I don’t know if this is because I am a trained lifeguard or because I often describe myself as “drowning” in life.  I am in desperate need of God to rescue me from myself and this world.  As a Christian, I know I am saved, but I am in constant need of my Savior to rescue me.  It often feels like a struggle, but it is a beautiful thing to be in the midst of struggle and feel God’s hand “rescue” me from myself, by changing my perspective, changing my circumstances or hopefully changing me.   So there you go…not the princess at the top of the tower rescue, but there it is. ”

5. Most Close To Home : “Katrina”

6. Most “We’re Not That Cool” :  “My vision for the cover would have a rescue helicopter sitting in field grass, with the sides open, the band members in hip looking attire inspired by rescue uniforms posed in a contemporary way around the opening on the side of the helicopter, and Jon posed in a cool way slightly closer to the camera. They could have a patch similar to the red cross logo, on their sleeve, except shaping it more like a Christian cross; white cross, red background. The helicopter is facing right, with the front slightly closer than the tail to give it perspective. If the shot includes instruments, the drummer would be set up to the left of the tail, a bit more distant than the others for proper perspective. The guitarist would be sitting in the side opening of the helicopter. The keyboardist could be more forward set up in the grass. Any other members posed in like manner around the opening. All of that further back, and Jon the star. I see different combinations of the uniform inspired clothing on different members. Dark aviator pants, white T-shirt on one, maybe jeans and cool jacket with the patch on another, and so on.”

….And that concludes “The Rescue Idea Awards.” Thank you again for all your submissions!

We’re getting close to deciding what the actual cover will be.  If we do use your idea, you will get a free copy of the new album delivered by your very own United States Postal Service.

Ratt On Everybody!!  What!?

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